Meet the Doctors

Dr. Arvin Mehta

"Oral health is more than a pretty smile, it is a window to your body's overall well being."

Dr. Mehta’s philosophy and approach to dentistry involves consideration of a patient’s overall health. That is why he is committed to candidly educating his patients about their dental health and treatment options, and empowering them to make informed decisions.

Dr. Mehta has been practicing family and cosmetic dentistry for 15 years. He graduated from the University of the Pacific Dental School with a Doctor of Dental Surgery in 2002 as one of
two students to complete an accelerated 5 year undergraduate and dental program (normally
8 years). He then spent an additional year of residency with UOP in an optional Advanced
Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) program that encompassed all aspects of dentistry.

Among other procedures, Dr. Mehta is skilled in laser dentistry, Invisalign, implant surgery and
restoration, veneers, bonding, whitening, natural tooth-colored fillings, and digital dentistry. He has completed hundreds of hours of post graduate continuing education and is committed
to providing the finest care possible to his patients.

Dr. Mehta and his wife, Payal, have two daughters, Aria and Alina. As a devoted husband and father, you will often hear Dr. Mehta sharing stories and pictures of his family. When time allows, Dr. Mehta enjoys practicing photography and tinkering with technologies.

A few testimonials:

• My dentist, Dr. Mehta, is extremely gentle when you have to get numbed up. He's also very friendly, super easy on the eyes, and he always calls a few days later to check on your condition. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside…. Dr. Mehta is really knowledgeable about your condition and really good at explaining stuff making you an expert at your particular condition…. Dr. Mehta gets 5 stars… I really like this place and feel that they are a top notch dental facility... or at least my dentist, Dr. Mehta, is. If he left I would probably go to wherever he went. ~Laurin A., San Jose, CA

• I've been using Dr. Mehta's services for three and a half years now and after going through 3 previous dentists, let me just tell you that he is THE BEST DENTIST I've ever had. Besides the usual 6 month checkups and cleanings, Dr. Mehta has fixed two of my cavities and has replaced all of my previous silver fillings with natural color fillings. Dr. Mehta is professional, he explains his procedures thoroughly before you make your decision and he explains his procedures while he operates; so you know exactly what's going on. To make things less painful he applies topical anesthetic gel before using the big needles to further numb your mouth before a procedure. Dr. Mehta and his helpers are always smiling and I highly recommend him. ~Kunal M., Santa Clara, CA

Dr Arvin Mehta and family smiling
Dr Arvin Mehta and family smiling
Two happy young girls
Two happy young girls

Dr. Shahryar Khodai grew up in Davis, CA and graduated from UC Davis in 1996. Dr. Khodai received his doctorates of Dental Surgery at Case Western University in Cleveland, OH in 2000, where he was a class president. Dr. Khodai is always advancing his skills and knowledge by attending continuous education seminars. Dr. Khodai is Board Certified in Oral Conscious Sedation and Invisalign certified. He has had Invisalign himself to perfect his own smile. Dr. Khodai has been trained by Dr. Carl Misch and holds a certification from world known MISCH International Implant intuition.

He has been offering oral sedation to his patients for years to help them with anxiety and extended dental treatment needs. Using oral sedation he often has been able to reverse years of neglect and pain in as less as in one appointment. Dr. Khodai enjoys traveling to new destinations where he can learn about different cultures and meet new people. Dr. Khodai enjoys helping patients who have complicated and extensive needs. By addressing their personal needs and concerns, he is able to give them a smile they can be proud of.